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Ghost Hunters

Wednesday Nights on SciFi

Fans of the show Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi Channel
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Don't call them Ghostbusters. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are just normal
guys who happen to see extraordinary things. Ghost Hunters is a new reality show
that follows the adventures of these plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night as
they investigate paranormal phenomena. The founders of The Atlantic Paranormal
Society, or TAPS, consider themselves paranormal researchers. Their job is to
disprove a haunting, which they manage to do more than 80 percent of the time.
They use state-of-the-art equipment and good old-fashioned detective work to
help people in need. Be it the voice of a murdered sea captain, moving furniture
or the person who put speakers in the wall to try and fool them, Hawes and
Wilson have had some powerful experiences while doing their work with TAPS over
the last 10 years. "They're the best at what they do," said executive producer
Craig Piligian. "They use modern-day technology. They go back to see the history
of the house. So they use both ends of the spectrum to show whether or not what
the people are hearing or seeing or feeling is real. And they do this as a
passion." For Piligian, Hawes and Wilson are ordinary guys involved in an
extraordinary activity, which makes them fascinating people to be at the heart
of Ghost Hunters.


1.No community promotions, there are
communities for that, this isn't one of them.

( if you
feel you have a group or community/website that is related to the
paranormal/ghost hunting/ghosthunters just get permission from xohlamesaintx

We are not trying to throw down random rules, but we don't want our community
cluttered with a thousand ads to other communities)

2. Please try to keep posts on topic, talking
about the show, the cast, ghosts, paranormal.

(When we say talk about the cast, the show, ghosts, and paranormal, we expect
that you will be respectful towards the individuals on the show.  They are
people and we don't care who has a hot ass or who doesn't. If you want to
discuss someone’s ass you can go to a fan boy/fan girl community. If you want to
talk about the cast do so in a tactful manner that relates to something they did
on the show, not in their personal lives. Talking about their personal lives
often becomes and inaccurate and highly subjective topic that causes drama.
Don't do it.)

3. Please respect everyone else's opinion and
agree to disagree if necessary.

Please be nice people. There are people in this community who know a lot more
about ghost hunting than others. For those of you who are higher up on the
knowledge chain, educate and enlighten those who may not know as much as you.
Don’t rub in their face how awesome you are. Again if you have an opinion about
a TAPS member’s personal life, please take it to another community. I mean if
you want to be like “I hate that Andy from GHI has that stupid flashlight on his
arm.” That’s okay. But if you are like “Wow, Brian’s girlfriend is ugly.” THAT

4. Anything spoilerish please put behind a cut
labeled spoilers

A 2 week
period seems a sufficient enough amount of time for something not to be
considered a spoiler.

5. If you cause drama or harass members,
you're banned. No exceptions. Be nice or be gone.

(This is
self explanatory; I probably won’t ban someone unless I get a complaint. I am
not going to read every post like a babysitter. Again if you have a problem
contact xohlamesaintx

6. Post pictures, long posts, and Youtube
videos behind lj cuts!!

I will delete your post without warning if I see you not doing this.
If your post is more then 3 paragraphs please put it behind a LJ CUT!!!


7. No RSS feeds



(I don’t
want to see it. Your post will get deleted. You can provide a link to said
entry, add your opinions if you want, and start a friendly discussion. IF and
ONLY IF it has to do with TAPS or GHOSTHUNTING. You are NOT to copy and paste
ANY blog entry, even if it it’s behind a LJ cut. There is a reason why they
wrote it on their blog. Like I said you may provide a link, but please check to
make sure no one else has before you make a post about it.

(Proposed Formatting:


Posted a New Blog on Myspace.

(Link to

Discussion-------- I think the tips given in Jay’s blog are a great
attribute to ghost hunting blah blah blah.

9. Most importantly, have fun!



If you have any questions, comments, feedback, suggestions for the
community, or just want to say hello.

please contact us:

Maintained by :Autum okspider@hotmail.com /

We are not affiliated with TAPS or Ghosthunters. This
is a fan community run by fans.


Kristyn Gartland 








Whether they add you is at their discretion.