shesageek (coocoo4oc_slash) wrote in ghosthuntersfan,

Official Grant Wilson Picspam

During an oddly tense episode, Jason and Grant kept referring to a big change. Tension rose towards the end of the episode when they started talking about a get-together with the Steve & the gang. At this point, I think a lot of people watching had already started to figure out what was going to happen.

Grant pulling Jason aside to talk.

Jason asking him if he was ready to spill the beans.

Grant being nervous about the aforementioned get-together.

Grant Wilson is leaving T.A.P.S./Ghost Hunters ;-;

I was shocked and couldn't even fathom what I was hearing enough to be upset. Grant has been a vital part of T.A.P.S/Ghost Hunters since it's conceptions. I'm sad to see him go, but I wish him nothing but the best. I could say many wonderful things about who he is, but I think the most appropriate thing we could do is, all of us together, put together one hell of a Grant Wilson Picspam. I'll start, & guys take from there /tearful smile/.

In the comments, zephiey posted a link to jason hawes' website that gives more information about Grant's departure. In case that on doesn't work for you, here's another: Thank you, zephiey :D


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