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During an oddly tense episode, Jason and Grant kept referring to a big change. Tension rose towards the end of the episode when they started talking about a get-together with the Steve & the gang. At this point, I think a lot of people watching had already started to figure out what was going to happen.

Grant pulling Jason aside to talk.

Jason asking him if he was ready to spill the beans.

Grant being nervous about the aforementioned get-together.

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Is it just me, or...

Is it just me, or has Grant seemed tired lately? Not to say that his work has suffered or anything because he will always be one of my favorite GH investigators.

But it seems like he's been frequently saying things like, "Let us know you're hear so we know we're not talking to ourselves," or, "Give us a response so we're not asking in vain". Plus, he always just sounds like he's reaching the end of his rope when he gets to the point of making these statements.

Could it be paranormal investigation fatigue? Am I just reading too much into things? Do I not know enough to make such a judgment call? IDK, I just feel like his zest for 'the hunt' has been lacking lately. What are your thoughts?
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All pairings allowed, including slash/femslash!

Do You Like To Write?

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... who will come out on top?


i made some icons and wanted to share :) hope you like :D

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Amy Bruni

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and some Barry Fitzgerald icons

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Excited for the GH new season.

I'm really excited for GH to come back.
Of course it comes on close to my birthday so that's even more exciting.

I'm not a fan of GHI so I will not be watching it tonight.

So I'm just here to ask what you guys expect from the upcoming season of Ghost Hunters.

Here's hoping they go to less tourist places.

What investigators are you hoping to see most of?

Is there anywhere you'd like to see them go?
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What does everyone think about the current season of Ghost Hunters International so far?

I like it so far. It's nice when they find evidence, but it's nice too to have episodes where they don't have any evidence at all.

Btw, this past week's episode...I've actually been in Tallin, Estonia. However, I didn't go by the location they investigated.